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TFA Sniper

The TFA Sniper software is a professional-grade trading software developed by The Forex Army and is exclusive to ATC Broker's Clients.

9 Time Frames of Analysis

Access more information to trade with, as the TFA Sniper provides you with 9 time frames of important information to help enhance your trading accuracy. It would take more a variety of indicators to replace one of the panels above.

Amazing Auto Trading

Let the TFA Sniper analyze over 1,188 variables across 9 time frames to help you select the specific entry levels with sniper like accuracy and manage them intelligently even while you are asleep or at work.

Advanced Fibonacci Levels

The TFA Sniper combines the power of advanced Fibonacci mathematics, Fibonacci pivot points, retracements, extensions and calculations across 9 time frames to help determine the most powerful levels to increase your trading profitability.

Built-In Trade Manager

Automatic lot size calculations based on risk % per trade, automatic stop loss, take profit, breakeven, spread and news warnings are built-in to help remove any harmful emotions while you trade. All you need is to focus on the trading and let the TFA Sniper handle the rest.

Directional Diamonds

Amazing directional diamonds that show you the momentum of every time frame, along with the overall time frame to help you select trades.

Crystal Clear Entry Levels

The TFA Sniper analyzes over 1,188 variables over 9 time frames and uses an amazingly intelligent logic to filter and visually highlights the areas of strongest support and resistance to assist you in making trading decision.

Complements All Strategies

While the TFA Sniper can be used by itself as a standalone trading software, because of the wealth of information it displays, it can be used to complement every other trading software by showing the market momentum across 9 time frames and the strongest support and resistance levels.

Complete Bootcamp Training

TFA Sniper have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours have been placed into designing the most comprehensive 6-stage boot camp that will train you to use the TFA Sniper.

Trade As A Team

Visit the free Live Trading Room where everyone is trained with the same TFA Sniper strategies to watch out for trading opportunities with each other. Working as a team keeps you accountable, prevent careless mistakes and accelerates learning.

ATC is offering this professional-grade software to clients if they complete these 3 stages:

Stage 1

Complete the Bootcamp training to learn how to use the TFA Sniper.

Stage 2

Pass the Bootcamp Exam.

Stage 3

Test the TFA Sniper on your Demo Account.

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